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My name is Leanne. I am a twenty-something blogger and cat lady from North London.

By day I am a digital marketing manager at UKTV where I look after a number of channels, showing anything from nature documentaries to serial killers. No two days are the same.

As well as my blog, I also run The Book Club which is a Twitter-run online book club where we discuss books, promote authors, share writing initiatives and run competitions.

I regularly volunteer at North London Cares, a charity who have created a community network of young professionals and older neighbours who hang out and help one another in our rapidly changing city. I host a book club for them once a month as well as regularly attend a number of their other events each month.

I’m an atheist.

I’m bloody obsessed with cetaceans and the idea of living in Alaska.

If you want to get in touch, feel free to drop me a line at hello@leanneleveaux.com

Otherwise, you can keep up with everything else, below:




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