Reading Slump

I’m a huge lover of books, and when it comes to moving house these are the bulk of my prized possessions that I have to heave up stairs and find a new home for.

I’d seen friends on Twitter talk of having a ‘reading slump’ and couldn’t really relate as it isn’t something I’d ever suffered with, until recently. And man, is it annoying.

Usually I’d be voraciously tearing through book after book, already thinking of my next read before finishing my current one. I couldn’t get enough. I was updating my blog with book reviews, talking to publishers, running my book club. Then one day all of that just stopped.

Instead of devouring books on the tube to and from work, I found myself listening to music, or more often than not, just sleeping. I carried a book in my bag, but I’d only got as far as placing the book mark on the first page.

I’m back on trackEveryone is different and we all go through very different things in our lives, but I’ve put together a few tips from myself and other bookish types to help you get back on track with your reading schedule:

Change your reading environment

If you usually read on the train to work try reading before you go to bed. Try and shake things up a bit. A change of scenery or habit can be just what you need to get you back on track. 

Try something shorter

I know when I was struggling, just the thought of reading anything over 300 pages made me feel tired. Try a short story or a novella and see if that helps ease you back in. Sometimes the simplest things make the biggest difference.

Read what you love

As silly as this sounds, it works. Do you really love chick-lit? Then try a chick-lit book. Huge crime fan? Get yourself a new crime story. Sometimes it’s the ease of a genre we’re familiar with that helps to get us back into it.

Little and often

Don’t go in expecting to read heaps in your first sitting, it’s not likely to happen. Try little chunks at a time, a few pages here, a chapter or two there. It isn’t a race. Slow and steady wins the race.. Or at least gets you to the end of a book.

Reorganise your bookshelves

Try colour coding, or putting them in alphabetical order. Going through your books will remind you of some gems you have in your collection and may spark you to pick them back up. It is also a good way to de-clutter those books that you’ve had hanging around for too long that are in need of a new home. 

Share, share, share!

Following on from the above point, swap some of your old books with friends or donate some to charity. De-cluttering your shelves will help de-clutter your mind (trust me, it really does work!) and help you get back on the reading train. Also, the feeling of giving your books to someone else who will love it is such a great feeling.

Revisit old friends

Rereading is still reading. Pick up an old favourite and get yourself re-aquainted. 

Go book shopping

While it might feel like the last thing you’d want to do, often just being in the presence of so many books and beautiful displays can help to reignite your love of books. Have a read of some of the booksellers recommendations and treat yourself to something new.

Get on Netflix.. no, seriously

BUT, instead of binge-watching hours of something you’ve probably already seen before, try a book to film adaptation like Wild, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Fault in our Stars, Gone Girl – there are so many! 

For anyone struggling with their own slump, below are a selection of books recommended to get you back on the wagon:


Thanks to Kirsty CallaghanDom Graham and Jack Birch for their input.

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