Review – The Girl on the Train


 The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins

“To everyone else in this carriage I must look normal. I’m doing exactly what they do: commuting to work, making appointments, ticking things off lists. Just goes to show.”

I was sent this book by the lovely Alison Barrow, and I was hooked instantly.

I used to commute into London from rural Buckinghamshire everyday for around 3 years, and reading this book took me right back to that point in my life. Spending hours on the train going back and forth, and imaging these whole identities and back stories for the people you see on your journeys – it’s what kept me entertained and stopped my brain from falling asleep.

We start out meeting Rachel, who does just what I have outlined above on her train journey everyday. Stopping at the same railway signal each morning, she has begun to weave a story for ‘Jess and Jason’, who’s house she overlooks from her stand-still train, deciding exactly what their personalities, tastes and interests must be like from the small window into their lives she has each day.

‘Jess and Jason’ seem perfect for each other, and it’s this that sets Rachel’s mind whirring, as it’s the complete opposite of how her life has recently turned out.

One morning, however, Rachel catches a glimpse of something shocking. Something that is going to ultimately change her life forever.

This story is gripping, and had me consuming each page at speed. I couldn’t get enough.

I read much of this book aboard the wonderful world of the London public transport system, and I couldn’t recommend this book enough if this is where you find yourself doing a lot of your reading.

It will suck you in, and each chapter will keep you guessing – just make sure you don’t miss your stop!

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