Ninja Book Swap – Halloween


Ninja Book Swap – Halloween

If you know me personally, you’ll know that one of my favourite things ever is to receive things through the post.

I stumbled across Ninja Book Swap earlier in the year, and realised it was the perfect activity for me to take part in. The Ninja Book swap team collect all of the sign ups and randomly assign them a recipient to whom they will send a book-related package to. Each person is supplied with their recipients book wish list, a link to their blog / website, and a small list of their likes and dislikes, to help guide you in putting together their package.

I took part in their last book swap, so jumped at the chance to be a part of the Halloween one!

Shopping for and creating the package for my recipient is just as fun for me as receiving my own package, and I had such fun shopping for my person.

When my own package arrived from the wonderful Hayley at  the Salcombe Dairy, I was utterly overwhelmed! She had individually wrapped everything in beautiful paper, and had also written me a bunch of super sweet little notes to go along with it all. I was so excited to open everything up!

photo (11)

I opened the box to find all of these wonderful delights!

Hayley had also written me a lovely little postcard from Salcombe to reveal who she was:

photo (10)

photo (8)

Greetings from Salcombe!

The part that really melted my heart, was the fact her little boy Jesse had also helped with putting my package together, and the fact that even my little Rex had a little pressie included – he was absolutely made up with these treats!

photo (5)

Even Rex received a little treat!

The entire package was beautifully put together, and Hayley had thought about everything. Each little note was so sweet 🙂

photo (1)


photo (7)

The most perfect mug and some delicious British tea!

I absolutely adore this mug that Hayley picked out – it has me written all over it! The inclusion of the British tea was also a lovely addition. Needless to say, it wasn’t long after opening the package that the kettle was boiled!

photo (9)

Clotted cream fudge from Roly’s fudge in Salcombe.

The little package of vanilla clotted cream fudge was also a sweet little surprise and was the perfect accompaniment to my tea. The other half was also pretty made up with these and quickly made his way through the pack!

photo (6)

Wishlist Books

The final part of my package was two books from my wishlist, and Hayley couldn’t have picked any better.

I received Jawbone Lake by Ray Robinson and The Lay of the Land by Richard Ford – both of which I have been desperate to read for a while. You made me a very happy lady!

All in all, I was completely made up with my package from Hayley during the Ninja Book Swap. It’s a wonderful activity, and is so fun to be a part of!

If you would like to take part in the next Ninja Book Swap, which is taking place in February, then email the dynamic duo behind it at:

Also, be sure to follow them on Twitter at Ninja Book Swap and follow #NinjaBookSwap to join in the conversation.

Happy swapping!

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