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Hold the Dark – William Giraldi

At the start of another pitiless winter, wolves have taken three children from the remote Alaskan village of Keelut, including the six-year-old son of Medora and Vernon Slone. Wolf expert Russell Core is called in to investigate these killings and discovers an unholy truth harbored by Medora before she disappears. When her husband returns home to discover his boy dead and his wife missing, he begins a maniacal pursuit that cuts a bloody swath across the frozen landscape. With the help of a local police detective, Core attempts to find Medora before her husband does, setting in motion a deadly chain of events.

The setting of this book, the genre, the storyline was like this book was handpicked just for me – it was perfect!
Set in the bracing and vast openness of Alaska, this book from the very first page sent a chill up my spine. Not only from the descriptions of the tiny village set in such bitter conditions, but to the main crux of the story – a man returns from a war to find his son dead and his wife missing.

The story is set in the tiny Alaskan village of Keelut at the beginning of another brutal winter.
Three children have been taken from the village by wolves, including the six year old son of Vernon and Medora Slone.
Seeking an answer to why the wolves keep the villagers awake at night, Medora contacts wildlife writer and wolf expert Russell Core, to see if he can offer some insight into the wolves activity within the village.
When Russell Core arrives in Keelut, he discovers a world of darkness within the tiny Alaskan village that he could never have imagined.

I read this while on holiday and struggled to put it down. Even in 30 degree heat, the descriptions were enough to give me goosebumps. It was well-paced and the as the horror of the story unfolded, I found myself appalled and intrigued at the same time and wanted to find out more.
The characters were all brilliantly written and at times I found myself compelled to scream at them within the pages.

I find novels set in Alaska to have an air of mystery about them and this book did not disappoint. On each page this book continued to give, and by the end I found myself wanting to immerse myself in it all over again.

All in all a very dark and chilling novel that I would recommend to anyone looking for something with a little mystery to it.

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