Review – The Nightmare Place


The Nightmare Place – Steve Mosby

The Nightmare Place is a perfect edge-of-your seat crime thriller that keeps you pinned to each page. Steve Mosby has perfected the art of catching you completely off-guard with descriptions and events that are completely turned on their head, you are constantly kept guessing.
The story follows DI Zoe Dolan on her hunt to catch and unmask the “creeper” – a stalker who has been breaking into women’s homes and attacking them, sometimes with fatal consequences. The creeper is leaving no pattern and no clues for the police to work out how he is getting into houses and no idea as to who might be next, leading Zoe to ramp up her investigation to try and prevent the next attack.
The Nightmare Place is a fast-paced page turner that throws you right into the center of the story, leading your mind to race ahead to try and work out how the story will unravel. But no matter how much you try, it will always throw up a surprise or two that will put you back in your place.
This is a great book for any crime and thriller fans and is a strong story that you can really sink your teeth into.

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