Manbooker Longlist Readathon 2014

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Manbooker Longlist Readathon 2014

The time has arrived, it’s time for another readathon!

This time we will be focusing our attentions on this year’s much-discussed Manbooker Longlist.

There has been a lot of conversation online regarding the books longlisted this year, so what better way to make our own decision on the list than by reading them and deciding for ourselves?

Due to the short amount of time until the shortlist is revealed (14th October), we will be reading the longlist right up until the day before the shortlist is announced to ensure we have enough time to read them all.

Everyone is welcome to take part in the readathon – the more the merrier!

Also, the reading schedule isn’t a concrete timetable, just a rough guide to ensure we can get through them all – feel free to read as many or as few as you wish, no pressure!

To get involved, simply pick up your copies of the books, and tweet during the set week using the hashtag #TBCChat

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the books – Happy reading!

Manbooker Readathon Schedule

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