30k in 35 Days

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30k in 35 Days

I love a challenge, and I’m sure everyone is familiar with our old friend procrastination.

I’ve had the idea for a book for about 2 years, and I had probably written about 200 words in total and given up. I had various friends telling me to just get on with it, and stop wasting time, but as much as I adore writing; actually getting this book out of my head and onto paper just seemed so difficult!

Thankfully, a couple of things happened recently that have allowed me to get on with writing and I’m happy to say have meant I’ve just been churning out page after page.

Firstly, was the Irvine Welsh talk I attended (you may have seen my post on this a couple of weeks back). During the Q&A, a man asked Irvine for his best advice to new writers (I presumed he was one himself).

Irvine simply replied with, “Most people think that every sentence has to be fucking amazing. Well quite frankly, that’s a load of shit. People get hung up on this, and never get their novels finished. My advice would be to just get the thing written down, start to finish. Don’t worry about the content, you can go back over and flesh it out afterwards.”

As silly as it sounds, it was like he had just opened a door in my writers-blocked brain. All this time I was worrying about making every sentence count, and I was getting hung up on finishing my first chapter instead of just writing down the thing in basic form from start to finish. This is what had slowed me down and had meant I never got anywhere.

Following this gold-dusted advice, a Twitter pal of mine, Kerry Hudson had decided to start up #30kin35 on Twitter, to help get out of her own writing block, and challenge herself to write 30k words in 35 days. I jumped at the chance to get involved.

The idea of having to stick to a word count, and publicly announce how many (or little) words I had managed to get down that day quite frankly terrified me. But, others were involved, and Kerry’s mantra was that we were all there to cheer each other on, so how hard could it be?

Needless to say, I’m still continuing on, and in total I am up to 4,630 words, so I’m pretty pleased with myself for that.

There’s no set start or end date (everyone’s differ), so if you want to get involved too, follow the hashtag #30kin35 over on Twitter and join us!

Let’s get those books out of our heads and on to paper, come on!

– Leanne

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