Meeting Irvine Welsh

The Bank Holiday Monday just gone, I had the opportunity to attend a talk given by one of my favourite authors, Irvine Welsh, about his new book, The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins.

Earlier in the week, I had tweeted about attending the talk and to see if anyone else I knew on Twitter was attending. I found out my pal Becks was attending, which was great – Irvine also tweeted at us both to say he may consider showing up himself which made me even more excited for the talk. I admire celebrities who don’t beat around the bush with their Twitter accounts and don’t have agencies running their channels for them.

Irvine Welsh - Tweet


At the talk, it was fantastic to listen to Irvine discuss the processes he went through writing this new book, as well as discussing his previous titles and his plans for the future (there were talks of a filming project coming up, so watch this space!).

It was a brilliant evening, with an energetic crowd, and readings given by a couple of Irvine’s American pals to really give the audience a genuine taste of the new book (with it being set in Miami, and all).

The Q&A was equally interesting, and I was fascinated listening to what everyone was dying to ask Irvine, everything from “What tips would you give to any aspiring writers?” to “Can you tell me what’s gone wrong with Scottish football?”. Irvine gave insightful answers to all (including the one about Scottish football!) and it was great to hear his thoughts and advice.

Not one to miss out on an opportunity, I immediately swung my arm up to ask a question, “Irvine, what authors or books inspire you?” – I’m always interested to find out where successful authors find inspiration, especially when it comes to other authors.

Whilst he didn’t directly name any authors or books, he did say that he pulls inspiration from everything he reads. “I don’t put down and book and say ‘well that was shit’, I take inspiration from it by working out how I could have done it better, or just what went wrong. I take inspiration from everything I read, and so should you.”

Following the talk and the Q&A, we filtered out of the auditorium, and headed straight to the book signing – I got both The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins and Porno signed.

The difference between meeting your author idols and other ‘celebrity’ idols? The author idols are usually exactly as you would imagine them to be. Witty, intelligent and inspiring.

Celebrity idols on the other hand, well, let’s just say I’ve removed a few of them from my idols list post-meet..


Irvine Welsh - Book Signed Irvine Welsh


– Leanne

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